Sunday, August 31

Chris Rock parody

Yes, Social Media Specialist is my job. No, that doesn't mean I can't unplug from my personal accounts. But it does make me appreciate the great writers out there who use Social Media as an outlet! There are some accounts - like this @ozChrisRock parody - that have me laughing (and wishing) I could write the same posts personally and professionally. 

Here are some highlights - 
  • You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
  • I wished I loved anything as much as white people love saying "gracias" at Mexican restaurants.
  • Sir. Your burrito is $4.97. With guacamole, your total comes to $286,932.79
  • Don't worry if someone doesn't text you back. Most people only check their phones every 5 seconds all day long.
  • Instead of going to Starbucks, I like to make my own coffee, yell my name out incorrectly, and then light a $5 bill on fire.
  • If a woman watches a movie alone, who answers all of her questions?
  • Sorry I didn't recognize you. I've only seen you on Instagram so I was looking for the person wearing 3 filters and an inspirational quote.
  • Selfie - (ˈselfē) noun: a picture taken of yourself to show strangers on the internet that you have no friends to take pictures of you
  • You only live once, so don't forget to spend 15 hours every day on the internet, desperately searching for the validation of strangers.
  • Before you get married ask yourself: is this the person you want to watch stare at their phone the rest of your life?
  • Sometimes I wonder if all of America isn't just a reality show being produced for the entertainment of the rest of the world. 
  • Mistakes married men make: 

    1. Doing things.
    2. Not doing things.
    3. Thinking about doing things.
    4. Not thinking about doing things.

And my favorite one, that I also have framed in my office: 

Facebook is down. Twitter is down. Instagram is down. 
Worker productivity rises. 
U.S. climbs out of recession.

Monday, August 11

Chelsea Chat

I am a fan of talk show interviews. There is an art to getting to it that I hope to emulate in my own daily conversation. There is also a huge aspect of entertainment in that celebrities are able to show a glimpse into their personal lives. 

Dreaming out loud (and combining pieces from existing shows), I’d love to create my own -           
Ellen – Dancing and DJ, Giveaways, Charity causes, Online video library
Chelsea Lately - Name, Panel of comedians chatting current events, Sassy outfits, Blunt and concise interview style, Transitions before commercial break
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – Audience interaction, Original games, Host Parodies and pre-filmed shorts, The Roots

Jimmy Kimmel – Introductions to guests, Sarcastic interview style

Conan – Quirky dance, Energy level, Devoted Fan following
Jay Leno – Musical guests, Gray hair
... And Oprah – The money and empire to make this ALL happen! 

Wednesday, July 16

My 10yrs Work Anniversary

"Now, this is a story all about how my life got twisted, upside down. 
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the…” 

(record scratch) Well, not so much the Prince of Bel-Air, but I'm floored to celebrate my 10yr Work Anniversary this year!

I attended Vanguard University as a student from 2000-2004, then I was hired as University staff on July 16, 2004. Although I was a student worker in many departments on-campus, my roles as a full-time employee included being the coordinator of: Alumni Relations, University Excellence Fund, Advancement, Special Events, and Volunteers. Now, I'm the Vanguard's Social Media Specialist. 

All in all, being here for a DECADE has be in a reflective mood. There are many things that I've learned as I transitioned from being a student to young professional. Thank you to my colleagues (and friends) who patiently taught me the following... 
  • Admin duties - How to send a fax, use the copy machine, record a professional voicemail, set an Out of Office reply
  • Class Notes - Tireless days and nights spent writing updates about fellow Alumni for the Vanguard magazine
  • Phonathon - Remember that season when my normal work day was 12-10pm? My friends were rockstars in joining me for breakfast at 11am, lunch at 4pm, and dinner at 10pm. 
  • Board meetings - Setting up conference calls, learning the art of contributing to the discussion of a meeting but taking notes instead
  • Committees - Oh the joys of agendas, collaboration, and education politics
  • Boss Life - Interviewing, hiring, training, and supervising students who were close to my age... I loved being their professional reference when they worked elsewhere. 
  • Event Planning - Managing a school calendar and being present at the event while simultaneously being on the lookout for emergencies. Then, I went into a post-event hermit stage after large events like Christmas Fantasia or Homecoming
  • Patron - Remaining a loyal fan to my alma mater's sports teams, Lyceum Theater shows, and chapel. I admit, I dressed like a student when I attended annual Student Life events (Woo Fest rocks!)
  • Ministry - Reminding myself that my job here is a calling and continuing to serve as a mentor or mission/service team leader
  • Development - Taking advantage of free lectures, learning workshops, panels, and supervisors who support continuous learning 
  • Volunteers - Recruiting friends and my network to love VU as much as I do
  • Office Attire - Always dress ready to have your photo taken, be interviewed for a video, tour important guests around campus, or give a spontaneous presentation
  • Social Media - And now I have the honor of showcasing all of these wonderful things to the world! It's pretty much the best gig ever. 

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