Sunday, October 5

Lea & Barbra

When I was a little girl, my mom said to me, "Barbara Streisand never got a nose job -- you're never getting one." Barbra showed women that it's not necessary to alter yourself to become successful. Instead, she made the most of what she had, and it launched her career.

When I first watched Funny Girl, I'd never felt so connected to a story or a character. The minute it was over I poured myself a glass of champagne, got out crackers and cream cheese, and played it again from the beginning -- it's my favorite movie of all time.

People often ask me what I want to do most in my career, and I don't ever want to pick:
I want to be able to do a great film,
a Broadway play,
or make an amazing album.

Barbra's won an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Tony.

It's inspiring to see someone achieve success in many different fields while still maintaining her individuality.

- Lea Michele -

"Our 75 Most Important Women of the Past 75 Years"
Glamour magazine's 75th Anniversary Issue

Tuesday, September 30

Gloria Vanderbilt

People may know Gloria Vanderbilt -- designer, artist, writer, my mom -- for starting the designer jeans craze and building a fashion empire, but that is really only one chapter in her extraordinary life.

She was born into a world that no longer exists, and has been in the public eye, for better or worse [Vanderbilt was a railroad heiress and the subject of a lengthy custody trial], ever since. She is a survivor but proof to all women that you don't have to harden your heart in order to overcome adversity.

She has lived and loved and lost a lot,
has had her heart broken,
her trust betrayed,
but she's never lost her optimism nor her independence.

At 90 she is still painting, still writing, still reimagining and reinventing herself.

She is proof that true beauty only deepens with age.

Anderson Cooper, journalist

Monday, September 15

Intro to Miss America

Miss America is still my favorite pageant. This was the only reason my sisters and I were able to stay up late to watch it when it aired. We selected our favorites at the very beginning to see who would make it to the end. Every year, I host viewing parties where my girlfriends and I do the same! This method helps make watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette more exciting too. 

It's the longest running pageant after all, and the feminist in me adores how much they emphasize that this is a scholarship program versus a beauty contest. (insert one of those hilarious Miss Congeniality movie quotes) 

My favorite part now - Each contestant gets a few seconds of TV time to introduce something clever about their states and say their names. 

Here are some good ones from the recent Miss America 2015: 

"My state has 4 distinct seasons - Football, hurricanes, Mardi Gras, and crawfish. I'm Lacey Sanchez, Miss Lousiana!"

"From the birthplace of Carrie Underwood, Kristen Chenoweth, and Chuck Norris.. Yes, Chuck Norris.. I'm Alex Eppler, Miss Oklahoma!"

"From the state where it's either misty, sprinkling, drizzling, raining, pouring down, or better grab an umbrella -- I'm Rebecca Anderson, Miss Oregon!"