Tuesday, June 14

James Corden

Dear American Women… 

  • Trust that money won’t make you happy. It will just pay for the search. 
  • Get your heart broken; you’ll be better for it. Trust me on this. My heart wasn’t ready to truly love someone until it had been broken. If you’re in a place of heartache, remember that when you lay your head down tonight, somewhere else a person you may have never met is doing the same. And that person is going to love you more than the last one ever did. So look after your broken heart tonight; tomorrow could be the day it starts to mend. 
  • Marry someone who makes you laugh. One day you’ll be old and tired; laughter will be the thing that gets you through. 
  • Have kids if you want to. It turns the world into a different place and makes you aware of so many things. There’s nothing greater you can do for the world than create someone who can change it. 
  • Take action, however big or small. There are awful things happening in the world, but just because they’re not happening on your street doesn’t mean they’re not happening. Try not to forget that. Do what you can. Your voice is loud and strong if you speak up. 
  • And VOTE! I know that so often it an feel pointless, as if you’re voting for the best of the bad bunch, but imagine if you’re allowed to have a voice. You’d be outraged and would stand up for that power. Your vote is important. Use it. 
  • Live in this moment. Everything in your past is gone and everything in your future is undecided. All you really have is this moment, right now. So be the very best you can be. Let yourself shine. If you always do that, your life is going to be great. I promise. 

By James Corden, Glamour & 2016 Tony Awards host 

Wednesday, June 8

K-Day: Year 8

I will never forget you
You'll always be by my side
From the day that I met you
I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die
["I Will Never Forget You" by Zara Larsson & MNEK]

K-Day June 8, 2008... Thinking of you today, Kyle B. Simonson! 

Our story and my eulogy: www.mywedding.com/chelseakyle

Monday, May 23

Nicki Minaj

Do marry your job, at least temporarily. 
It’s important that at some point in your life you really focus on your career, almost to the point of insanity. 
You’ll never get this time back. 
You have to want it so bad that you wake up in the morning and you think about it, live it, breathe it, eat it, and see it all day. 
After you’ve accomplished a couple of things, THEN take a moment. 
Work and work for those first years, and them come out of the matrix a little bit and take a freaking vacation. 

[Quote: Glamour / Photos: Robert Cavalli]