Friday, August 7

Being Chic

I am such a fan of fashion. Good styling says so much about a person. 
Girogio Armani says, "Being chic is a way of carrying one-self. Style is not identified completely with fashion, but means capturing the spirit of the times and making it one’s own."
That is why I have such an appreciate for costume designers! Characters of TV, movies, and theater are more convincing when their 'look' is on point. 
My @Chexie04 Pinterest has boards dedicated to the clothes of the shows Reign and Revenge. My only interest in watching Scandal is because of Lyn Paulo, the show's brilliant costume designer. 
Here are some tips she provides for dressing well in real life:  
Put your best footwear forward 
How you walk is so important. If you stride across a room, you exude confidence. So make sure you have the right foundation - which is your shoes. As the day goes on, you don’t want to be hobbling around the office. It’s okay to have six pairs of shoes under your desk to change into. I do! 
Express Yourself 
When I spoke to Shonda Rimes, Scandal’s creator. I told her that I didn’t want Olivia Pope to be another woman in a masculine suit. It’s detrimental to women. Being a woman in the workplace doesn’t mean you have to dress like a guy. 
What’s your biggest strength at work? 
I am very organized. I don’t have a lot of patience for clutter — either verbal or literal. 
What’s your best interviewing tip? 

Be confident, dress the part, and if you’re being interviewed by a woman, carry an absolutely amazing purse. 

Scandal collection at The Limited

Wednesday, July 22

New Girl Fangirl

The Galusky family recently re-watched the first few seasons of New Girl and came to appreciate its witty script and show plots all over again! Hannah Simone (aka CeCe) is still my favorite character, whereas my husband is A LOT  like Schmidt than he cares to admit. 
Here's a fun story that Hannah Simone shared with Elle magazine: 
My most cherished article is my grandmother’s necklace that she had her whole life — a black and gold cameo. 
It’s a woman’s profile in silhouette, and though you don’t know the woman’s story, you get this strong, beautiful, feminine quality, which is so much like the women in our family — so much like my grandmother. 
She was half German, half Italian, and was a nurse in Germany during both World Wars, and that necklace was always a segue  to her incredible stories: She was engaged, her fiancĂ© was killed. She started to realize that the men she treated would often not come back. 
I remember once asking her, ‘Were you ever engaged before?’ And she laughed. She said, ‘Hundreds of times. Everyone who asked, I said, “Yes!” ‘ She said, ‘It was a no-lose situation. It gave them something to live for and me something to hope for.’ 
She passed about five years ago. The only time I’ve ever worn it, because I’m very careful with it, was when I did this episode about how much I loved my grandmother on New Girl.

Monday, July 6

Jimmy Kimmel's Tomato Sauce

Who knew that Jimmy Kimmel (late night talk show host comedian) was also a cook? He contributed an article to Glamour magazine and shared this great recipe... 
My tomato sauce is what I cook the most, and a lot of people have asked me for the recipe. 

It’s very simple, but it’s taken me many years to refine, and I’m actually still refining to this day. So here’s what you do: 
  1. Heat a few tablespoons of good-quality-extra-virgin olive oil in a pan. 
  2. Slice some garlic into thin pieces, and fry them until they’re golden but not brown. If the garlic turns brown, start over. Remove the garlic from the olive oil. 
  3. Add a whole can of tomatoes to the olive oil, but remember: Not all canned tomatoes are created equal. I like Bianco DiNapoli the best. They are not easy to find, but you can buy them on Amazon. Add a little bit os sea salt and a few leaves of fresh basil. 
  4. Bring that to a boil for a minute, and then turn down the heat and let it simmer for at least 20 minutes. It can do this for quite a while - up to a few hours will get you an even deeper flavor. 
  5. Once you’re done, take a ladleful of pasta water and add it to the sauce. 

… And that’s it. It’s a big favorite with everybody who eats at my house. 
I love it so much I could drink it. And I have.